Frequently Asked Questions

Bei book a bill steht die Kundenzufriedenheit im Mittelpunkt. Falls Ihre Fragen durch unsere FAQs nicht beantwortet werden, können Sie uns gerne auch immer telefonisch oder per E-Mail direkt contact us directly by phone or email.


Book a bill is a digital accounting service provider that strives to automate and continuously develop accounting processes through the use of technological solutions. Book a bill supports both self-employed people and SMEs in simplifying their administrative tasks and processes related to financial accounting.

Ja, book a bill ist nach PS-880 testiert, einem anerkannten Prüfungsverfahren des IDW (Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer), damit erledigen wir ordnungsgemäß Ihre Buchhaltung.

In order to be able to offer you an efficient and most cost-effective solution, we look at each accounting individually and explain to you in a joint online meeting how the price is made up and how this results from our assumptions. Here we see ourselves as a transparent partner in order to build a satisfied business relationship for both sides.

Sie können book a bill jeweils innerhalb von 4 Wochen vor Quartalsende kündigen. Hierzu richten Sie Ihr Anliegen bitte schriftlich an unseren Support – support@bookabill.de. Im Nachgang erhalten Sie von uns eine schriftliche Bestätigung der Kündigung. Wir würden uns dennoch freuen, wenn Sie uns den Grund Ihrer Kündigung mitteilen, damit wir uns weiter verbessern können. Im Anschluss erhalten Sie selbstverständlich alle Ihre Daten.

Book a bill can handle both simple and double-entry bookkeeping. In addition to the income statement (EÜR), we can also depict the profit and loss account (P&L). For example, we have set up a DATEV export for your tax advisor according to the principle of double-entry bookkeeping, so that everything runs properly. Using the accounting data exported by us, your tax advisor can then prepare the financial statements including the balance sheet. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Of course, you can integrate existing customers and customer data as well as articles into our tool at any time.

Book a bill is suitable for self-employed persons, sole traders or partnerships and also corporations. Book a bill only takes care of the preparatory bookkeeping, financial statements are not possible.

In order to map a balance sheet, you need evaluation options (BWA and totals/balances list), the possibility to post directly, as well as opening balances. Of course, we also map this.

All your data is secure despite being stored in a cloud. It is transmitted encrypted via TLS and deliberately stored in a certified data centre with server location in Germany. 


Ja, Sie können Ihre Artikel, Kontakte und Belege von Ihren bisherigen Buchhaltungslösung ganz einfach zu book a bill umswitchen. Hierfür können Sie gerne unseren Support kontaktieren.

You are always invited to register free of charge under "Free consultation". Alternatively, send us an email at support@bookabill.de

First Steps

If you would like access for another person, simply let us know and we will expand the user profile accordingly.

The booked tariff can be changed, but should be discussed with your customer advisor in advance so that you do not trigger unnecessary costs. We are of course available to you at any time.

Please feel free to call our support or send an e-mail to support@bookabill.de.


You can pay by Paypal, direct debit or credit card.

After your accounting transactions have been processed by us, we make them available digitally in a release by mail. Subsequently, we will ask you to send us your pre-registration for the respective period.

Your tax advisor can either receive a data export from us or access to the system. You can tell us this at any time, so that you are also flexible in the application.

This is under development - as soon as we can provide it, we will contact you.