Great time saving
Higher billing options
Relief for existing mandates
Support for new mandates
Processual facilitation of Fins. ACCT
Location-independent cooperation

Smart solutions for tax advisors

Digitise your client documents. No more phone calls, no more searching, just simple, fast and online booking.

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More time

Automate time-consuming and manual accounting processes.

More advice

More focus and more time for advising your clients.

More profit

Happy clients and a positive impact on your business.

Simple collaboration through clear client management

You do not have any open resources for current accounting? We can take on new and existing clients for you and support you cost-effectively in the area of ongoing accounting. This allows you to take on additional mandates without tying up your own resources during the year. Contact us and we will explain our advantages to you.

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Our features

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Invoice / document import

Automatic document import from over 10,000 online portals, email inboxes and other sources.

Digital client mailboxes

Receive client invoices directly via the XXX mail address.

Direct communication

Missing receipts cost time and money. Our Communication Centre makes Kto. 1590 "almost" fun.

Authorisation concepts

Easy set-up of authorisations and creation of approval processes such as pay & review.

A receipt for every booking

Invoices are automatically assigned to the respective credit card & account transactions.

Simple synchronisation

All invoices and documents can be automatically transferred to third-party systems such as DATEV & ADDISON.

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